Create your very own medieval dynasty


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Imperia Online is an online multiplayer strategy game that drops you in the midst of bloody wars for territorial control. In these medieval times, kings have to expand their kingdoms beyond present borders, and you can't fall behind: you have to defend your land and attack others to create your very own lasting dynasty.

You start with a tiny kingdom, where you control some basic resources that will let you develop enough economic power to expand and improve your empire little by little. To get what you need to defend yourself from neighboring kingdoms, you have to upgrade buildings and develop new technologies, which will help you acquire new lands around you.

The best thing about the game is that it has thousands of active players and hundreds of clans ready to welcome you and become your allies. It's indispensable to develop a large army to send into battle in Imperia Online, and studying your enemy is also essential, as it allows you to better plan your strategy.

If you can defend your resources, send troops to war and come out victorious, and and improve your reputation thanks to a good clan, you can climb up in the Imperia Online ranking. This is a game where strategy is all you need if you want to survive the dark medieval times.
By Álvaro Toledo
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